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Stride AcademyTM goes where your kids go. 24/7.

Next-Generation HTML5 Technology works on more devices, include iPad, Mac & PC.

Accesible Tryptic

"We engineered our new OpenStrideā„¢ architecture to be the most flexible platform in our industry, not only in terms of compatibility with modern computing devices, but vis-a-vis integration with other technologies, products and services. This allows Stride Academy to constantly grow and adapt to new curriculum, new media formats, third-party assessments and gaming technology.
Stride Academy is built for the future of education."

-Ernie Gray, CTO - LTS Education Systems

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OpenStrideTM technology means more flexibility.

Choosing an open architecture today means more possibilities tomorrow.


HTML5 For The Future

We built Stride Academy from the ground up using next-generation HTML5 technolgy. Under development for nearly a decade by the World-Wide Web Standards Consortium, HTML5 has been called the future of mobile computing. The HTML5 language lets developers deliver in-the-browser experiences that previously required standalone apps or additional software. It supports lightning-fast video and geolocation services, offline tools, touch, and blurs the lines between web-and native applications.


More Devices. More Love.

Thanks to HTML5, Stride Academy is ready for the future of computing platforms, with support for more form factors than ever before. Currently 100% compatible with iPad, Mac, PC and many other tablets to come in 2014, Stride Academy provides a rich multimedia experience to you and your students without the need to install software or special settings on your computers.

Any modern HTML5-compatible browser brings every exciting feature to your fingertips!


More Content & Games

Our OpenStride API makes developing and adapting HTML5 games and media a breeze for professionals and students alike. We've partnered with Scirra Ltd. to bring your students the world's best HTML5 game design platform, Construct2 as part of our Stride Builder computer literacy program. Kids can learn powerful programming principles while having fun building games they can share with their friends!

Learn more about Construct2 and StrideBuilder.


Customized For Your Needs

While Common Core State Standards have provided the U.S. with a common benchmark for academic achievement, we understand that different school systems and organizations have unique needs for their demographic, mission and funding requirements.

Our new platform gives us the ability to deliver custom solutions that meet your needs in reporting, curriculum and alignment that are unmatched in our industry.  Contact us for more information!


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