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Stride motivates: you'll see it in their faces.

HTML5 gaming excitement & peer competition motivates students to work hard to play hard.

Compatible with iPad, Mac, Windows and more!

"Stride Academy is fabulous! It is the best of both worlds: the students' world of play, fun and competition and the teacher's world of education, engagement, rigor, and achievement! I am so pleased to have the opportunity to offer this to my students. They beg to "play" it and are even eager to watch the videos to earn more tokens. Stride Academy has changed the face of educational software programs."

B. Christine Overstreet - Grades 4/5 STEM Instructor
Monarch Academy, Baltimore Campus

A stunning learning experience.

Educators tell us that their students overwhelmingly prefer Stride Academy to similar platforms.

Diagram of Stride Academy Home Screen
Skateboarding Game On Stride Academy

Awesome Games

Stride Academy games are unrivaled in the edugaming space. Striking graphic quality in mesmeric games from genres like arcade, physics, logic, puzzle, and sports compel students with very diverse interests and set the gaming experience apart from any other educational technology program. What’s even more awesome? Our OpenStride architecture can support an unlimited range of games, so you can count on us adding even more spectacular games throughout the year.


Click-and-Play Videos

Click-and-play video lessons ease students’ frustration if they need quick and accessible instruction or review on a struggling skill. Created by our StrideCorps™ master teachers from across the country, our video lessons use vibrant graphics and real-world modeling to teach Common Core skills. Video lessons are embedded within Stride Academy, so students never have to leave the program. Watching videos also earn students coins to spend on games, an added motivation to complete academic tasks!

Competition High Scores

Peer Competition

Research shows that when people play games together, they are weaving a tightly knit social fabric that draws them in and binds them together. Nothing is more motivating than healthy competition, and Stride Academy games set the stage for exciting peer challenges that tell students, There’s nothing I can’t achieve! Dynamic leaderboards are visible throughout the platform, delivering real-time results of point leaders and high scores, so students are constantly motivated to stay in the rankings!


Coin-Based Economy

What’s the philosophy behind Stride Academy’s coin-based rewards system? It’s simple: in a coin-based economy model, students work hard to earn coins, so they can play hard! In Stride Academy, we’ve chosen to keep the games discrete from the academic activities, so we don’t compromise on the most important features for students (the games) or teachers (the curriculum). The coin-based system links the best of both worlds for an optimal student experience.


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