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Stride Builder - Advanced Computer Literacy Through HTML5 Game Construction

Computer literacy is one of the cornerstones of a quality 21st century education that will prepare students for the challenges of tomorrow. The StrideBuilder™ program harnesses the rewarding excitement of simplified visual HTML5 game creation to unleash the creativity of your students while establishing a strong foundation in computer programming and design.

LTS Education Systems has partnered with Scirra Ltd.™ to integrate Construct 2, the world’s leading HTML5 visual game studio application into Stride Arcade™, our growing student community game sharing platform.

Construct2 By Scirra, HTML & Windows

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A revolutionary approach to computer literacy.

Stride Builder is an exciting and effective way to introduce young minds to computer programming.


StrideBuilder™ Curriculum

Imagine your students learning to build their own HTML5 games using a visual drag-and-drop interface, and then sharing their creations on Stride Academy. 

We provide your computer literacy program a complete curriculum along with the Windows-based Construct 2 game creation system and access to our Stride Arcade to share and play games online!


Construct 2 by Scirra™

Stride Academy is proud to partner with Scirra Ltd.™ to bring you the world's leading HTML5 game engine and visual development studio, Construct 2.

Construct 2 is a powerful ground breaking HTML5 game creator designed specifically for 2D games. It allows anyone to build games — no coding required! And it integrates automatically with our OpenStride API.


Stride Arcade™

Our OpenStride API makes developing and adapting HTML5 games and media a breeze for professionals and students alike. Stride Arcade is where StrideBuilders can show off their latest creations, share ideas, provide feedback and play games made by other students in the national program.

The best games submitted to the Stride Arcade will be selected to be included in the national release of Stride Academy!  Imagine the reaction of your community if your student was published in a national educational product! 



OpenStride™ Platform

We built Stride Academy from the ground up using next-generation HTML5 technolgy. Under development for nearly a decade by the World-Wide Web Standards Consortium, HTML5 has been called the future of mobile computing. The HTML5 language lets developers deliver in-the-browser experiences that previously required standalone apps or additional software. It supports lightning-fast video and geolocation services, offline tools touch, and blurs the lines between web-and native applications.


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